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Protect your computer! Download free antivirus, anti-adware, anti-spyware, anti-malware, anti-rootkit programs that search for, neutralize and protect against threats to your system and your ID. Erect a firewall between your computer and the outside world to block unauthorized communications. Organize, encrypt and manage your passwords in a vitual security vault. Back-up and encrypt your data automatically or manually to a safe, secure, online storage site. Automatically search for security patches and updates for your programs. Do all of this for free, and when your system is secure, then go work and play with more free programs. Free PC Services finds what you need -- or simply might want.

What We Are


Your PC, laptop or notebook computer -- alone or with the internet -- offers you endless opportunities to pursue your every interest. There are thousands of programs that aid (or sometimes hinder) you in those pursuits. Many of these programs are free.

Among the many freebies out there, some are better than others and some are not worth reading about. Our aim is to find the better programs and review them for you. Whenever possible, Free PC Services researches, tries out, reviews and points you to the better few among the many.

Whether you are looking for a better browser, desktop tools, free email service, games, graphics program, website hosting or any number of other things, you want programs that are reliable, safe and efficient. By testing the programs first, Free PC Services selects only those that enhance the computing experience and do so safely and securely. Where we have not personally tested programs, we have relied on comparative data, user reviews or other sources we find reliable to aid us in narrowing the field.

What We Are Not


We are not invested in any programs or services or websites listed on this site, period. We accept no remuneration to list a program, utility, tool or service. Companies that offer both a free version and commercial version of their programs may offer us the commercial version for comparison purposes, but we never "push" commercial versions. While we accept advertising for commercial programs, we do not necessarily endorse them. If we say that a particular program is the better among the similar programs we have compared, that is our opinion, for whatever it is worth, and not the result of payment of any kind.

We are not a list of links or group of pages of links. We do post links from which programs, tools, utilities and computer products and services can be located or downloaded. Except for links contained in ads, all links lead to free programs or services.

Our Major Focus is Secure Computing


Our major focus is secure computing. For that reason, we begin our reviews with programs that promote a secure computing experience. That means antivirus programs, firewalls, antispyware, password managers and a host of other topical programs that contribute to a secure computing environment.

But secure computing also means programs that are stable and free of exploitable vulnerabilities. Programs known to be unstable or unsecure will not get listed here. If already listed and subsequently discovered to be unstable or unsecure, such programs will get unlisted.

There is a certain amount of what we call "nuisanceware" that cannot be avoided when dealing with free software or services. Developers who offer free programs very often have a commercial program they would like to sell, and so the free program is laced with a number of presentations pointing out the benefits of purchasing the commercial version. We understand this and accept it as the price we may have to pay for a free program. But when the advertising interrupts our work or play by requiring an action to make it go away, it then becomes a nuisance. In excess, it becomes a strike against the program and might end up costing it a mention here.

Our Job is Never Done


The only thing that doesn't change is the fact that things change. Programs that were so-so last year might have a new version that is the hottest program in its field today. Yesterday's best may be a bust today. What didn't exist last month may be making headlines today. To keep up with all that change, Free PC Services is and always will be a work in progress...for you. Please bookmark this page and check back every once in a while.

And (we don't like to say this) we sometimes get it wrong, or we got it right but things changed. A safe download site yesterday may be bundling adware today. We want to know if you had a bad experience with sonmething we recommended. Please tell us so we can make appropriate changes and tell the world. After all, you and your peers are the only reason we do this.