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We invite your comments, suggestions and assistance in correcting errors and policing abuse. Indeed, we depend on you to report broken links, software problems (adware, pop-ups, etc.) and changes in terms (such as new trial periods, charges or fees, or reduced functuality).

If you are using a free program that you think deserves our attention, we very much want to hear about it. Please tell us what kind of software it is (antivirus, wysiwyg editor, strategy game, etc.), what its name and version number are, and where you can safely download it. But please understand up front that if we have already evaluated the software and rejected it, we probably won't give it another look unless a significant version upgrade has occurred.

Also, this is not an invitation to software developers to spam us with self-promoting testimonials. We have limited time and resources and we have a plan for what we will look at and in what order, so no matter how many times we are contacted about any single program we probably will not change our plans to accommodate your pleas. Repeated contacts from any address about the same software may cause us to block the address as a spamer. Finally, any recommended download site that attempts to pass malware through the download will be permanently blocked and reported for abuse.

We are limiting contact to email. To prevent address-harvesting bots from selling our address to spamers, we have replaced our contact form with the following graphic. Please open your email program and manually type the address below into the "To" field. Use an appropriate subject, such as "Dead Link", "Download Problem", "Adware Abuse", "No More Free Option", or whatever applies. Email without a subject will automatically be routed to our trash bin.

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