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We want to thank you for visiting Free PC Services. We know there are a lot of sites out there that seem to do what we do, so we thank you for spending time with us. If you found this site useful, please do us a tremendous favor and tell your family and friends about is. We are sure it will be a long time before we rise enough in Google's ratings to actually be seen by anyone doing a search. Your help would be grateful.

Some of the sites similar to ours actually download and test drive the software they list, but many -- nay, most -- do not. Some are compensated for listing certain programs; we are not and never will be. Indeed, we hope you will recognize that we are attempting to be different. This takes time and, it turns out, money. We just bought an external hard drive to serve as a sandbox device to quarantine downloaded programs and another for back-up purposes.

If you found this site to be of value to you, you can thank us in one of two ways. First, you can make a donation to help support our expenses by clicking on the "Donate" button below. That would do us the most good, but you might be looking for free programs for the same reason we are -- money is tight. In that case, we totally understand and would ask you to simply send us an email telling us what the value was you derived from this site (the name of a program you downloaded would be sufficient). But, if you are the silent type (and broke), then we will be pleased if you just tell someone about the site -- send them the URL address ( And thank you again for visiting with us.

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